Mother’s Day Round Up – Part 2 – DIY Makes


Last week I gave you some ideas for treating your mum from some of my favourite shops and we had a bit of everything. Something from the kids, something jewellery, a couple cards etc so this week we cover some of the same ground with freebies and DIY makes! Everyone loves a bit of something for nothing or something where someone has actually thought what they are giving.

I had a real tough time choosing these. Last time I only had 6 this week we have 8 and in the process I found some incredible blogs along the way. All you have to do to visit the pages these lovely makes came from is to click on the pink links below! Right then, enough waffle, lets go!

1. Tutorial: Double Fingerprint Heart Necklace – Rae Gun Ramblings
Fingerprint art and jewellery seems to be really popular at the moment and can be quite expensive. This is a much simpler option and is so easy and cost effective to make. Create your own necklace using your finger prints, your siblings or even your childrens to create mum a super special fingerprint heart.

2. DIY Polka Dot Vase – Made From Pinterest
How lovely is this? Rather than just giving flowers this year give your mum a vase hand decorated by you too! All you have to do is dot some acrylic paint on a simple glass vase and hey presto, instant pretty! Or you could go crazy and decorate it how ever you want! I know IKEA have some really simple square vases at the moment which would be perfect for this!

3. Dipped Wooden Utensils – HGTV
There seems to be a lot of these knocking around on pinterest lately and I’ve even tried it myself but with Posca Pens. Its a great way to brighten up a kitchen for next to nothing. Who says they have to be plain? Go stripey, polka dot or even pop a few simple flowers on there! Easy peasey! Just make sure the paint you are using won’t run or come off in the wash or even on your food!

4. Mother’s Day Newspaper – Martha Stewart
This one is for the kids and seems to be very popular on pinterest. Everyone loves a little something created for them by their favourite little ones. This is a free downloadable PDF where the child can draw a picture of them and their mum, complete the sentences and fill in the tick boxes. Even though this was created in 2011 and the date is shown in the image, it doesn’t print out so you can use it for years to come!

5. DIY Birthstone Nest Necklace – Rustic Honey
How cute is this? All you need is some jewellery wire and some stones or even beads in the colour of your choice! Wrap it, twist it, pull it and knot and voila! A lovely bird nest necklace. You could add beads in her favourite colours or the birthstones of all of her children? Or even find a small bird charm and pop that one in the nest too. There are lots of possibilities.

6. Reverse Silhouettes – The Nesting Game
Now this I like! How about creating mum your very own series of family silhouettes? Much more artistic than cringey family photos and will always be a good talking point. You don’t have to spray paint them if you don’t fancy it. Just draw an outline and get your paints out! If you don’t fancy paint have a look on pinterest for washi tape silhouettes. They are GORGEOUS!

7. DIY: Mother’s Day Sharpie Mug – Maiko Nagao
This is so simple yet so effective! All you need is a plain mug (doesn’t have to be white but a little colour would be a good idea) and a sharpie or permanent marker and a little bit of creativity! Tell her what she means to you, draw her a little picture or just cover it in patterns. Either way its a lovely little treat all done by you! Again, IKEA is a fab place to pick up a few cheap plain mugs! Might give this a go one day but first I need to de-clutter my current stash of mugs…

8. A Special Spoil Ticket – The Pretty Blog
Okay, so I realise this one is out of date and is for the American Mother’s day but thats not the point. Why not make your mum a little voucher for spoiling her at a later date? Maybe you want to treat her to some food? Some tea? A shopping trip? A few drinks? Or something completely different. Perfect to slip inside a card if you’re out of town and can’t see your mum until a later date! Think of it as an I.O.U.

Well thats the end of another round up! I’m so tempted to do a part 3 because I found so many lovely things but I think I’ll save myself until Easter! I don’t want to go boring you or over do it! If you do make any of these I would love to see them! 🙂


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